Questions and Answers

Quality, Credentials, and Clinical Care:

  1. Who exactly will be performing the operation or medical treatment?

    The procedure or treatment will be performed by the certified physician of your choice, with the support of his medical team (assistants, anesthesiologists, etc.). You can browse through the physician resumes in the Medical Staff section. We can help you select the best physician for your sugery.

  2. What medical qualifications, certification, and experience does CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®’s have?

    Being established in 1934, CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® Alta Especialidad is the most renowned hospital in the northern part of Mexico. Since 2001, it has been part of CHRISTUS Health, a Dallas based hospital group with more than 70 facilities in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Utah, Georgia, Missouri and New Mexico. CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® Group currently owns 6 hospitals in Mexico, aiming to have more than 20 by 2016.

    Certifications and Awards

    Joint Commission International Accreditation, Gold Seal of Approval

    College of American Pathologists certified and recertified Laboratory

    Best Place to Work 2006 Award by Best Place to Work Institute

    ESR Award, Corporate Social Responsibility

    Government Certifications

    Consejo de Salubridad General, for hospital certification

    Distintivo H, for food preparation processes

    Will the doctors, nurses, and staff speak English?  Will my medical records be in English?

    CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® is committed to making the patients and their families feel right at home.

    All physicians in our team speak English, most of them are US trained.

    We have assigned English-speaking staff and nurses to take care of you. Our Nurse Coordinator for International Patients will be closely in contact with you to make sure your stay is comfortable.

    We have French, Italian and German translators in case they are needed

    All admissions documentation, medical notes and discharge summaries, interpretation of studies and other post-op documentation will be provided to you in English.

  3. What accrediting body certified the medical facility?

    Through the Mexican Health Board (Consejo de Salubridad), the government certifies health institutions as hospital facilities. This is the case for all CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® hospitals.

  4. What nursing and administrative support is available before, during, and after treatment?

    Before your arrival:
    Our Patient Coordinator will be in touch with you to guide you through all the process of coming to CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®. They will be able to help by:

    Providing you information about your procedure, quotes, the doctors, the hospital, the city, lodging, etc.

    Setting up conference calls with physicians and guiding you through the acceptance process

    Suggesting flight schedules and travel arrangements

    Making hotel reservations and setting up local transportation

    Pick up and transfer from and to airport

    During your stay:
    Our Nurse Coordinator will meet you at the hospital and will make sure that the care you receive is optimal and that all your needs are met. She will also be in touch with your family to inform them about your condition. She will also help coordinate your discharge process and make sure you take with you all studies, notes and instructions before you leave the hospital.

    The Concierge Services Area inside the hospital will be available at any time to help you with any questions, requests or complaints you may have.

    After your treatment:
    Both the Patient and Nurse Coordinator will be checking on you during your recovery at the hotel, and coordinate post-op consultations and travel home.

    Our Medical Coordinator will be getting in touch with your Primary Care Physician at home to give an update on your condition and recommended post-op care.

    Pricing and Fees:

  5. Besides the cost of the operation or medical treatment, what other fees might there be (equipment, follow-up visitations, medicine, food, etc.)?

    Other fees that are not included in the quote we provide are:

    Extraordinary or emergency medical charges

    Meals for the patient outside hospital stay

    Meals for companion

    Transportation for non-medical trips (transportation from and to the airport is included in the quote)

  6. How do I receive a formal or customized price estimate?

    There are 3 easy steps you need to follow:

    Contact our Medical Travel Office to inquire about a procedure or request it through the Medical Travel System.

    You will be provided with the following documents, make sure to fill them out and send/upload them:

    • Medical Questionnaire
    • Contact Information
    • Send/upload any medical studies or tests you may have (pictures in case of cosmetic surgery)

    Once we receive your information, it will be reviewed by our Medical Coordinator and Physician to evaluate your case. Based in this information, the Patient Coordinator will be sending you a personalized quote in no more than 48 hours.

  7. Can I choose a particular brand/type of implant? Will this change my fee?

    Yes, you can have your procedure done with the implant of your preference, if the physician agrees. If this is the case, you will be quoted accordingly.

    The change in fee will depend on the price of the implant and/or availability (some special implants have to be brought directly from US vendors).

  8. How does travel with a companion or family member change pricing?

    The additional costs you would pay for bringing a companion might come from:

    • Meals
    • Transportation (if traveling by air)
    • Hotel stay (if the companion stays in a separate room)
  9. What additional options or elections may change the final cost of medical treatment?

    Type of implants / prostheses used

    Recovery days

    Room upgrades (3 categories: Standard Private Room, Jr. Suite and Suite)

  10. Will my insurance cover my treatment? How do I find out if my insurance will cover medical care received at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®?

    You can contact our Medical Travel office, and we will let you know if there are agreements or contracts between your insurance company and CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® and how to proceed.

  11. Will my insurance provider cover costs of emergency treatment or surgical complications?

    It depends on your insurance provider. We encourage you to get in touch with a representative to find out and answer your questions.

  12. How will I arrange payment if my insurance provider is covering treatment? What other fees might there be that I will be responsible for during my visit?

    For insurance providers that have agreement with CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®, they send us an acceptance letter informing that they will be responsible of your account and which services are not covered. If this is the case, you will only pay for services not covered (eg. long distance calls from the hospital, companion meals).

    For other insurance providers not currently in contract with CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®, patients usually pay their treatment directly and seek reimbursement from their company afterwards. If this is the case, we will gladly provide you and your provider with any documentation needed.

Scheduling, Logistics, and Making Payment:

  1. What do I need to do to schedule treatment?

    For a surgical procedure, you first need approval for surgery from our Medical Coordinator and Specialist who reviewed your case and studies. Once approved, the Patient Coordinator will start working with you on travel arrangements.

    For consultation and check up, we just need you to send us your Medical Questionnaire and Contact Information formats filled out, to start making travel arrangements.

  2. What pre-operative studies, analysis, and consultation should be conducted locally prior to traveling to receive care at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®?

    For surgical procedures, patients should have been examined by their home physician or specialist and diagnosed with a medical condition according to the diagnostic tests performed. These studies and your physician’s recommendation are the ones we will use to see if you are a candidate for surgery and provide you with an estimate of the cost.

    In case you haven’t had a formal diagnosis or diagnostic tests available, we encourage you to come for initial examination at our facilities, or have consultation with a physician back home.

    For other procedures such as Check Ups or cosmetic surgery a diagnostic will not be necessary, we just need you to send us your completed medical questionnaire.

  3. Does CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® need to review my prior medical records to schedule treatment? How does this work?

    Yes, we need to review your medical information to determine the best treatment for you and if you are a suitable candidate for it. The Medical Questionnaire format and the diagnostic tests you provide will help our medical coordinator and specialists to evaluate your case and give you a customized recommendation and quote.

  4. How do I submit my pre-treatment medical records to the hospital?

    We have several channels through which patients send us their medical records.

    Medical Travel Application: Suggested method. Through this internet website you can create an account (like Yahoo! Mail or Gmail account), and be able to request procedures and upload files (eg. studies, xrays, photos) in a secure (encrypted), private way. The information you share will be seen only by our medical coordinator and the specialist selected.

    Email: By writing to
    Fax: From US or Canada, dialing 011 52 818 155 5151

    Postal mail: Address: Carretera Nacional 6501 Col. La Estanzuela,
    Monterrey N.L. Mexico. CP 64988

  5. Will my medical records be updated in English for care received at the hospital?

    Yes, we will make sure to give you all studies and post op documentation papers in English before you leave; also, if you don’t have a Medical Travel Application account already, we will create one for and upload your studies there so you can have access to them online.

  6. How do I obtain my medical records for medical care received at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®? Will the hospital send my medical records to my doctor?

    You will have access to your records through your Medical Travel Application internet account and in paper when you leave the hospital. If you wish us to send your records to your doctor, let us know and we will fax them or send them by email.

  7. Does the hospital provide concierge services to coordinate my travel, accommodations, and airport transfer?

    Our Patient Coordinator will be in touch with you to guide you though all the process of coming to CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®. They will be able to help by:

    • Providing you information about your procedure, quotes, the doctors, the hospital, the city, lodging, etc.
    • Setting up conference calls with physicians and guiding you through the acceptance process
    • Suggesting flight schedules and travel arrangements
    • Making hotel reservations and setting up local transportation
    • Pick up and transfer from and to airport
  8. Does the hospital help in coordinating travel of a companion or family member?

    Yes, the Patient Coordinator will help your companions by suggesting hotels and making reservations, suggesting flights and arranging local transportation.

  9. Does the hospital pick me up at the airport and arrange ground transportation in the area? How will I back and forth from the airport, hotel, and hospital for my scheduled doctor consultation, operation, or rehabilitation treatments?

    Yes, the Patient Coordinator will be picking you personally at the airport and will arrange all transportation for your medical care.

    Your stay in the city will depend in two factors: the type of procedure you’re having and your recovery period. Along with the quote we provide you with the average length of stay of patients at the hospital and recovering at the hotel.

  10. What accommodations are available before, during, and after treatment?

    Before and after your treatment you will be staying at the hotel of your choice for recovery. We have a list of preferred hotels that are well trained in taking care of our patients. They are all international 4 to 5 star hotel chains with excellent facilities that range from $80-140 USD.

    During your stay at the hospital, you will be having a large private room with cable TV, free wireless internet access, and a couch/sofa for your companion to stay overnight. There are room upgrades that mean bigger rooms and furniture (Jr. Suites) and others with additional rooms that have TV, fridge and kitchenette for your family or companions (Suites).

  11. How do I arrange payment?

    There are several methods of payment.

    If you don’t have insurance:

    • Method 1: Once you have your final cost estimate and have been approved for your procedure, you can prepay by making a wire transfer to one of CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® bank accounts and faxing or emailing us your receipt. Once confirmed we will send you a confirmation note.
    • Method 2: Once you have your final cost estimate and have been approved for your procedure, you can travel. When entering the hospital, at admissions, you will be required to make an initial payment based on the quote you received. This payment can be made with cash, check from a Mexican Bank or credit card (International Visa, Mastercard and American Express).
      For both methods, when you are discharged from the hospital after having your procedure, you will be presented with your final hospital bill. In case you have a positive balance, we can reimburse you in cash (Mexican Pesos), check from a Mexican Bank, or by wire transfer to the account of your choice. If there is an outstanding balance, you will be able to pay at our cashier with cash, check from a Mexican Bank or credit card (International Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

    If you have an insurance provider:

    • Method 1: Once you have your final cost estimate and have been approved for your procedure, you can get in touch with your insurance provider and let them know about your elective procedure (we can provide you with any information your insurance might need from us).
      If they are willing to cover your medical expenses at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®, your provider will give you (or will send to us by fax or email) an Acceptance Letter which will indicate conditions and coverage. Please fax or email this to us before your trip and present it at hospital admissions, so we can get in touch with your provider in advance and corroborate your information. Depending on your insurance coverage, you might need to make an on-deposit payment at admittance or payment of non covered items and services at discharge.
    • Method 2: Usually, international patients with insurance follow the same process a non-insured (see the upper methods 1 y 2 for patients who don’t have insurance). Once you are discharged and have settled your balance, you can get in touch with your insurance provider for reimbursement. We are able to provide any medical or billing information your company might need for the process.
  12. If I decide not to receive treatment after visiting the facilities and meeting with the doctor, will I still be responsible for payment?

    No, only for the services you used (eg. consultation, preop tests, etc.). If you made a prepayment, we will reimburse the corresponding part.

  13. Do I need travel insurance? Will my existing travel insurance maintain coverage if I travel to receive medical treatment?

    We encourage you to look carefully at your policy, each one has different levels of coverage and services included.

Complications and Continuity of Care:

  1. What happens if there are complications?

    No medical, dental or cosmetic procedures are ever risk free. There is always a very slim change of something going wrong, not because of the hospital or doctors but because the patient’s own medical condition. At CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® we try to minimize these cases as much as we can by pre-approving the patient as a candidate for surgery. You can rest assured that we have the processes, the cutting edge technology and excellent medical and nursing staff required to act in a timely and compassionate manner to provide you with the best care you can get.

    Our High Specialty hospital in Monterrey is a third level hospital that can take care of any major complication that might arise, hence, there are usually no transfer of patients to other institutions for all conditions can be treated there.

    In case evacuation or transfer of a patient would be needed we can help arrange air medical transportation. For ground transportation, CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® has its own high tech ambulance company named “7-24” that serves our membership and other individual patients.

  2. Will I be financially responsible if there are complications, rehabilitation takes longer than anticipated, or follow-up visits are required?

    The quotes we provide consider that you will have an average episode of care, meaning no major complications or unexpected situations. We expect uninsured patients to settle charges for any major medical situation that could arise from their condition, additional recovery days or special treatments.

  3. How does CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® plan, coordinate, and communicate instructions to my local physician for follow-up care?

    One of the formats we request patients to fill out during their acceptance process is the Contact Information, which includes the contact information of the patient’s Primary Care Physician or specialist dealing with their case.
    We use this information to:

    Send the doctor their patient’s medical record, studies and post op instructions, once discharged and previous written authorization.

    Program a conference call between your home doctor and the physician who treated you at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®, so they can discuss your medical course and follow up indications.

  4. I would like a CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® doctor to communicate directly with my local doctor. Is this service available?

    Yes. After your procedure, we schedule a conference call between your home doctor and the physician who treated you at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®, so they can discuss your medical course and follow up indications.

  5. How can travel plans be adjusted if rehabilitation takes longer than expected? Will I be charged?

    Our Patient Coordinator will help you make any travel adjustments you may need such as flight rescheduling, hotel reservations, etc. You will only pay rescheduling fees to the airline and hotel if there are any.