Message From Our Director

At CHRISTUS MUGUERZA our reason for being and actions are guided by our strong commitment and caring of those that need our services, based on our values of compassion, generosity of spirit, dignity, empathy and excellence.

We are dedicated and committed to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ in such a way that we may kindle a light of hope in our patients’ and their families.

This commitment has made us aware of the need to create a world-class Integral Healthcare system in all our areas and in every sense. We know that excellence is not an objective but a continuous improvement process that involves the permanent commitment to provide the highest quality labor environment for our associates and to increase our performance levels and efficiency of our institution’s operation which reflect on the financial health of our organization.

With our unparalleled experience, combined with the strength of the CHRISTUS Health System, and our geographical presence in the country, we are the pioneers and leaders in private healthcare in Mexico.

This leadership is reflected in the exemplary service to our clients and the world-class quality healthcare we provide, a level of quality supported by the best state-or-the-art technology in the medical industry.

At CHRISTUS MUGUERZA we are committed to bringing world-class healthcare to those that need it most, while strengthening and supporting the communities where we work.

We are convinced that high-quality private healthcare cannot and must not be for the benefit of only a few, but for the largest number of people possible.

Our Mission, our constant search for excellence, our experience and compassion maintain our spirit, body and mind committed to offer the best and most accessible integral healthcare system in Mexico.