Read what our patients have to say about the services received at our facilities, and how it changed their lives.

Luz del Consuelo González

Patient: Luz del Consuelo González
Date:    December 03th, 2014
Hospital: CMAE

Luz del Consuelo González

Todo estuvo excelente.

Además de eficiencia en todos los tramites, recibimos calidez y afecto en el trato


Bertha Landa
 Gastric By Pass

Patient: Bertha Landa
Date:    October 14th, 2008
Surgery:  Gastric By Pass
Dr:  Buenaventura Leal
Hospital: CMSur

Se filmó entrevista en video.

Tristana Fiscella
Lap Choly and Appendectomy

Patient: Tristana Fiscella
Date: August 29, 2014
Surgery: Lap Choly and Appendectomy
Hospital: CMAE

My Lap Choly and appendectomy were performed by two American Board certified surgeons at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA. The procedure went very well and I am so grateful to my surgeons and nursing staff.

xThe cost of my care was estimated and explained to me clearly up front. There were no hidden or surprise fees when it was all said and done!

Transportation that was provided to and from the airport, hotel and hospital proved to be vital. Monterrey is a hilly maze. The area near the hospital while safe and elegant, is difficult to navigate on foot. Sidewalks are inadequate or non-existent. Distances which may seem close on Google Maps may be in fact take a long time to traverse due to heavy traffic conditions. It is best to take Edith advice and work with hotels on her list and trust the Hospital drivers to do their job.

My overall experience with the Hospital was tremendous. The sheer ratio of staff to patient impress me. I was attended to by a variety of polite, warm health care professionals: from nutritionists to anesthesiologists, nurses and aids, everyone seemed to check and double check their work. They introduced themselves, explained what they’ll be doing, and worked efficiently but with great compassion.

What a contrast to the overworked healthcare professionals I have encountered at home. I also appreciated the privacy and comfort of having real walls around me, instead of mere curtains, at various stages of the procedure.

The Hospital is clean, not overly large, comfortable, homey and inviting. In all ways Christus Muguerza Hospital felt like what Healthcare should be. I would definitely return for my own medical needs or that of a loved one. It was worth the trip.

Edith Alanis was wonderful. She speaks perfect English, and with her gentle demeanor, she guided me every step of the way. I would encourage anyone to reach out to her simply to learn more about Medical Travel. She is both laid-back and responsive.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heat. This refreshingly positive experience helped me to allay some lifelong fears I had of doctors and hospitals.

I am returning to the USA feeling empowered and with restored faith in the medical community. Win-win!

Angelina Díaz de Quíroz
Total Left Hip Replacement

Patient: Angelina Díaz de Quíroz
Date: January 24th, 2009
Surgery: Total Left Hip Replacement
Doctor: Alberto Padilla Dieste
Hospital: CMAE

My experience at Christus Muguerza was amazing. Never would I have thought that a hip replacement would be so easy and such a pleasure experience. I have nothing but praise for Dr. Padilla (orthopedic surgeon) and his staff. They have made the whole procedure go by effortlessly and worry free. Once my daughters and I left Dr. Padilla´s office we felt a sense of great relief knowing that we were in extremely capable hands but also with one of those few doctors who had such warmth that it really made me feel very calm about the procedure and wanting to get it over as soon as possible to end my osteoarthritis pain for good.

I should also mention the nurses, who were not only polite and warm hearted but very efficient as well, and fast but not least Noemi and Edith who took care of also the logistic so that I would not have to worry about where, when and what I had to do. They were on top of everything. I only had to worry about resting and recuperating after the surgery. With great fondness. Thank You all at Christus Muguerza.

Roger Brown
Right Inguinal Hernia Repair

Patient: Roger Brown
Date: February 12th, 2009
Surgery: Right Inguinal Hernia Repair
Hospital: CMSur

The whole process, from meeting me at the airport, through the preliminary testing and consults and through the actual surgical procedure and initial recovery period went very well. And every meeting and procedure was on schedule and occurred exactly as it was explained before-hand. Noemi was very attentive to my concerns and was with me through the entire process from meeting me at the airport and throughout all the initial procedures at the Hospital. She was very attentive and answered all my questions and generally made me feel confident that I made the right decision to have my surgery in this way. The nursing staffs were all very pleasant and attentive to my requests from the O.R. to the recovery room and beyond. Edith was a blessing to be with. She listened well and always asked to make sure I was feeling well; or if there was anything I may have needed to make my experience a good one. She was very good at paying attention to every detail. And she did so by showing genuine concern, the Dr. and the Anesthesiologist and other staff were a pleasure to be around. The Dr. paid several visits to check on my progress post operatively genuinely listened to my concerns I am very pleased with my experience, from start to finish at Christus Muguerza and the related agency for Medical Travel.

Richard Sweeney
Right Knee Replacement

Patient: Richard Sweeney
Date: March 03rd, , 2009
Surgery:   Right Knee Replacement
Hospital: CMAE

These are the best facilities I have ever experienced, admission was excellent, nursing staff efficient and professional, facilities are great and I feel I have been treated like royalty.

The facilities were very good and the Nursing Staff were very friendly and helpful. I was able to stay at the hospital with Richard.

The Restaurant was excellent, I would recommend the hospital.

Lillian Sweeney

Natalia Ginez
Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve

Patient: Natalia Ginez
Date: May 21st, 2009
Surgery: Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve
Doctor: Horacio Javier Guajardo
Hospital: CMSur

The entire experience was wonderful. I was very well taken care of; felt almost like Royalty!

I was always informed of the procedures and steps of my operation, I had the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions and so was my companion.

The nurses were genuinely attentive and very informative. The hospital facilities are top of the line, and very comfortable. The doctor was very professional and caring, but the best of all was Edith, the nurse. She took wonderful care of me and my friend; made sure that we were always comfortable and well taken care of. I wouldn´t have had such a great experience without the help of Doctor Horacio and Edith!!!

Wendy Kay Oswald

Patient: Wendy Kay Oswald
Date:   June 22nd, 2009
Surgery:  Abdominoplasty
Doctor: Mario Carranza García
Hospital: CMSur

I am a registered nurse, with 18 years of hospital nursing experience. When I was ready for cosmetic surgery, I chose the Christus Muguerza Hospital system in Mexico. I was already familiar with the excellent reputation of the Christus Hospitals in the United States.

I discovered that the Christus Muguerza system is accredited by JACHO, an international health care standards organization. As a nurse, I have firsthand knowledge that a hospital must maintain strict practices to obtain JACHO accreditation. Therefore, I was assured of having state of the art equipment and up-to-date procedures. Once I arrived, I was overjoyed to find that Christus Muguerza exceed my expectation for cleanliness and customer service.  

I do not speak Spanish. I was worried about communication problems.  I did not have any trouble communicating. From my very first e-mail contact, I was blessed having Edith A., RN. She spoke beautiful English, and she was available 24/7, if needed.

Edith A., RN, guided me through every detail; appointments, lab work, admission, etc. She was great.  The morning of my procedure, Edith A., RN, greeted me at the front door, saw to all of the pre-op arrangements, accompanied me into the OR, and monitored all of my after care.  All of my care was channeled through Edith A., RN. Details are not missed when you have 1:1 nursing care. My hospital experience was 100% positive.

My surgeon was terrific. He spoke excellent English. He had recognitions from many institutions, including the American College of Plastic Surgeons. Before, and after, the procedure, I had no difficulty contacting my doctor. I had his personal cell phone number which I could call at any time. It was important, to me, to have immediate access to my physician. I was in a foreign country, and I needed the assurance that I would have my doctor available in case of an emergency.

As to my procedure...It was an astounding success.

I paid the quoted price and nothing more. No hidden fees, or costs.

Sincerely, Wendy Oswald BSN, RN

Philip Anthony Suarez
Right Inguinal Hernia Plasty

Patient: Philip Anthony Suarez
Date:   August 06th, 2009
Surgery:  Right Inguinal Hernia Plasty
Doctor: Hector Javier Calvo
Hospital: CMAE

Admission: Very helpful, provided transportation

Nursing Staff: Very Professional and Attentive

Facilities: Excellent Facilities on the same level as U.S.A.

My experience at Christus Muguerza was excellent. Dr. Calvo was extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He fully explained the surgical procedure, and he even showed me a Journal Article from the “New England Journal of Medicine” that showed why the hernia repair procedure that he was using was more successful than others.

I only had one other surgical operation in my life, a hernia repair on the other side, in 2005 (in the United States).

In American Hospitals, you are never allowed to saty overnight after a hernia repair. You are sent home the same day.

I appreciate being able to stay overnight at Christus Muguerza after the surgery. The follow-up care after the surgery was also excellent. Both dr. Calvo and the Resident Doctor visited me and explained my instructions clearly and answered any questions I had. The entire staff was very attentive. I´m glad I chose surgery at Christus Muguerza.

Thomas Henry Richardson

Patient: Thomas Henry Richardson
Date:   September 04th, 2009
Surgery:  Check-Up
Doctor: José Ramón Azpiri
Doctora: Rosa Angélica González
Hospital: CMAE

I can´t think of one bad moment at Christus Muguerza. Everyone here, whether their job was medical or administrative, was both friendly and professional. Many spoke English, some did not, but when a nurse couldn´t speak English, Edith was there to smooth the way. Every piece of modern medical equipment that I could imagine and some I never imagined was there at CMH. And all this, for prices I couldn´t believe!

CMH is in every way as good as a USA hospital., and in one major respect, it is better: the Medical Staff at CMH does not fear malpractice lawsuits from patients, consequently the doctors here recommended two extra tests for me but did not decree them and it was made clear to me that I was free to refuse these tests. Also as a result of the staffers not fearing lawsuits from patients, the people here were friendly, and I sensed no interpersonal tension.

Lisa Erwin
Hysterectomy by Laparotomy

Patient: Lisa Erwin
Date: September 04th, 2008
Surgery: Hysterectomy by Laparotomy
Dr: Jorge Armando Espinosa
Hospital: CMAE

After Surgery they still continued to take care of me and even after we left the Hospital back to our hotel, they continued to check on me and make sure things where taken care of if needed.

If I ever need Surgery again I would think about Christus Hospital. They are the most personal Medical Staff I´ve ever met and I felt well taken care of, much more so than if I would have had surgery in the United States. If you need surgery and are considering this Hospital I would give it thumbs up five star rating. They are the most wonderful people you will ever met.

Mohammed Khan
Avance Mandibular

Patient: Mohammed Khan
Date: February 26th, 2008
Surgery: Avance Mandibular
Doctor: José Luis de la Garza
Hospital: CMSur

I am glad. I choose Christus Muguerza for my orthognathic surgery. My doctor instilled nothing but confidence in me, and the surgery went without a hitch. The staff here is top notch and the hospital practices are on a par with what I am used to in the USA. I would be happy to recommend this facility without hesitation.

Ashley Nicole Winchell
Lap Band

Patient: Ashley Nicole Winchell
Date: November 9th, 2007
Surgery: Lap Band
Doctor: Roberto Rumbaut
Hospital: CMSur

My stay was most positive. The Staff & Doctors were very gentle, so compassionate & sweet. The Hospital was immaculate & peaceful. Unlike the USA, the staff was very quiet and so respectful. We recommend this experience. Melinda Winchell, Mother of patient Ashley Winshell.

Very good experience! The nurses were very helpful! At night it would have been nice to have an English speaking nurse! But other than that good! Edith Ayala was an angel! She helped me so much! Thank you so much! I will be telling everyone about it. I would not of gotten this kind of care in the USA. Ashley N. Winchell

Joy Wittera
Orthopedic surgeon

Early in this year of 2010, I found myself in dire need of medical salvation. My artificial hip of 26 years had reached the point of total destruction and endless pain. Unable to afford the exorbitant cost of medical care in the US, I began looking worldwide for the best quality orthopedic surgeon, affiliated with a hospital equal to his excellence; ie medical excellence offered for a cost I could afford.

After sifting through many orthopedists' qualifications and reports of their hospitals' facilities, I learned about Dr. Alberto Padilla of Christus Muguerza Hospital in Monterrey, Mexico. According to my research, here was a doctor and his hospital, both with excellent credentials.

Upon my arrival at Christus Muguerza, I met Dr.Padilla, who had assembled a fine group of doctors: orthopedists, a heart specialist, and an anesthesiologist to see to my medical needs Each of these doctors visited with me repeatedly and carried on unhurried conversations regarding my medical history and what to expect before, during, and after the surgey. Whenever I needed any of them, they came immediately.

The surgery itself was the easiest I have ever experienced, far easier than my original hip replacement. I was mildly sedated and numbed below the waist. I was aware and yet unperturbed by the four hour surgical proceedings. By using this form of anesthesia, recovery was not the ordeal normally involved when totally anesthetized. There was no grogginess nor nausea to overcome.

The people who saw to my needs while I was hospitalized could not have tried any harder to make me comfortable. The staff was wonderful. The nurses came quickly when I called and often when I did not. They were always cheerful and happy to take on any task. The nutritionist came twice a day to see about my eating wants and often offered to prepare whatever I wanted, even if it was not listed on the day's list of foods. Even the cleaning crew was excellent.

I would not hesitate to go back to Christus Miguerza Hospital of Monterrey, Mexico, and the fine people who work there. Thank you so much, one and all.

Sincerely, Joy Wittera

Andrew Dijak
Arthroscopic meniscus repair

My name is Andrew Dijak. I am from Los Angeles California and explored medi-travel for arthroscopic meniscus repair. The facilities at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® are world-class. Dr Padilla performed the surgery and immediately after the surgery there was NO pain and no need for pain medication. Today is my second day and I feel like I could dance, however, I am taking the doctor’s advice and using crutches.

The nurse coordinator Edith and Noemi have been fantastic, as well as all the other hospital personnel all the way to the drivers. The CHRISTUS Mission statement is true. I cannot be more pleased. In fact in most ways treatment and care is better than US domestic and I would recommend it to anyone weighing the cost of similar procedures, THIS IS MY TESTIMONY!

Andrew Silva
Bariatric Procedure

As you are aware, I recently underwent bariatric procedure at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® Sur Hospital in Monterrey, Mexico. I am so impressed with your facilities and staff that I feel compelled to write and express my appreciation to you. I particularly want to acknowledge three members of your staff who, in my opinion, went out of their way to make my surgery and stay at the hospital successful, non-stressful, and comfortable.

Margarita (Maggie) Ocejo was always there for us when we were in Monterrey. After a mix-up with our hotel reservations, Maggie worked overtime to accommodate my traveling companion and insure that she found lodging – this included transporting my companion in her personal automobile to a hotel located some distance from town. She “opened doors and paved the way” for us in our dealings with hospital staff and, she arranged all of our transportation in Monterrey. In the US we would say, Maggie went “beyond the call of duty” to accommodate us and we both appreciate her efforts. She is truly an asset to your organization.

Another asset to your organization is nurse Edith Ayala Alanis. She is true professional but more than that, she was genuinely concerned for my welfare and went out of her way to calm me and put me at ease. I confess to being apprehensive about going to a foreign country, to a place I had never been, where I knew no one, and did not speak the language for a major operation. The fact that Edith spent the entire morning with me when I was going through my pre-op test and was also there to prep me for the operation and check on me after it was over put me completely at ease. I felt no anxiety or concern with her at my side.

Finally, I would like to commend to day-shift nurse who was on duty both the day of my surgery and the day following it. I do not know her full name –she told me I would not be able to remember it and asked me to call her “Helen”. Her friendly smile and attentive care are much appreciated.

Frankly, I would have never received the same quality of care at the US hospital as I received at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® Sur. Thank you.

Mavoureen Hutchins

I was extremely happy with their services and consideration taken before and after surgery. I will recommend them to everyone. The facility was clean and well staffed. Maggie, Mimi and Edith were wonderful! THANKS

Dexter Doncher

To staff and admissions: My stay was just fine. My compliments to management! With the assistance of a few key nursing staff my experience at the hospital was great. My heart goes out to Edith Ayala whose attention to me made everything just perfect. Your hospital is immaculate and beautiful. Thanks for everything!

Robert Orser
Orthopedic Surgeons

I have had two previous back surgeries, in 1994 and 1996. They were successful and I was pain-free and had a happy 12 years of life. In early 2008 my back pain came back, with a herniated disc at L5 and unstable back at L5-S. Surgery in Canada would take at least a year, I was told by orthopedic surgeons and the pain was keeping me from working as a pharmacist and keeping from life.

Upon admission, I knew I was surrounded with peace and professionalism. The hospital is extremely well kept, very clean and up dated; a wonderful facility. The staff was very friendly. I was treated with respect and patience. I was shown the chapel which gave me great strength.

Day 1 was pre-op day, full of many tests – blood work, X-rays, EKG’s, etc, physician appointment. Compared to Canada, the Mexican way is the loving/caring way. The physician and staff took time to explain things. Edith, the nurse is an angel, she took the time requested to answer all my questions.

Throughout my stay I have had the pleasure to meet outstanding educated professionals, like Dr. Padilla, his residents, nurses taken from ICU to be with me because they spoke English. Such “human touches” did not go unnoticed.

I came here very discouraged and will leave here a new man – full of promise to live a full life free of pain and discomfort.

Thank you to all of my professionals at the CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® Hospital.

Christine Southwell

When I first saw the hospital form the freeway I was speechless. The hospital is absolutely gorgeous! When we entered we were greeted by very friendly people who fast and eager to help. Words cannot explain how wonderful the nursing staff is. They are so helpful and make you feel right at home. Thank you so much for making this an experience of a lifetime!

Joshua Syverson

My stat at the CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® Hospital was very good and relaxing. Admission was quick and took little time to get up to the part I was staying in. The nursing staff was very kind and took care of all my needs and helped me when in need. The facilities were very clean and neat also they keep every part of this hospital clean. I would recommend this hospital to anyone in need of medical attention.

Francis Coronado

My experience at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® was great. The nursing staff was wonderful. They treated me with the greatest care. I give my respects to the nursing staff, admissions and the facility. Thank you for this great experience.

Bertha Landa

Good hospital, good Doctors […] to me is the same, same quality, same Doctors experience, there is no diference, no diference at all