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How to Schedule Treatment

International residents interested in receiving treatment at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA® need to complete 5 easy steps:

  1. Review information about your procedure on the Procedure information and Price List section. If your procedure is not listed or you have any questions, fill out the inquiry form provided, and we will contact you by phone or email.

  2. Select your preferred specialist. You can review their information here.

  3. Fill out the formats Contact Information and Medical Questionnaire, and send them along with any medical tests or exams you may have. Click on the links to download the formats:

    You can send these forms at:
    or fax: +52 818 155 5151 (please confirm fax reception by email)

    You can also schedule your procedure online by filling out these forms and sending your medical files securely by signing up via the Medical Travel Application, our online medical record sharing system.

  1. Once we receive your information, your case will be reviewed by our medical coordinator and the specialist you selected within 48 hours. They will get in touch with you if more information is needed.

    After this, we will let you know:

    • If you are a candidate for the procedure selected and/or recommendations
    • Date availability
    • Estimated quote
  2. You are now set to receive treatment at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®! Our Patient Coordinator will get in touch with you to help you arrange travel for you and your companions. You only have to worry about boarding your flight, we will take care of everything else.