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As a Catholic health system, CHRISTUS MUGUERZA is committed to increasing access to quality health care for all. We are much more than a provider of health services; CHRISTUS MUGUERZA embraces a culture committed to responding to the needs of those we are called to serve, while delivering high quality care that is accessible to all. It is this compassionate and caring environment that drives us to return the optimal value of our charitable assets to our local communities.

Fundación Adelaida Lafón A.C.

It is inspired on the work of Doña Adelaida Lafón and three institutions: CHRISTUS Health, the Sisters of the Incarnated Verb Charity and Hospital Muguerza. They make possible for more than 150,000 people in urban and rural areas to enjoy a dignified life.

In 8 years, 2 clinics in Monterrey were built and equipped, located in Fomerrey 35 and Fomerrey 109; 1 clinic in the community of Zuazua, Nuevo León; 1 hospital in Tampamolón and 1 clinic in Huichihuayán- both communities located in the Huasteca Potosina-, providing healthcare services. Shortly we will open 2 new clinics located in Coahuila and in Chihuahua.

Casa Cuna Conchita

Support center for women with unwanted pregnancy and Adoption Center.

At the Conchita foundling home we support women with unwanted pregnancies, and offer the opportunity of giving happiness to families that for biological reasons cannot conceive, and at the same time support the life of the newborn baby. With these activities we avoid abortions and contribute to life, reducing the clandestine traffic of children for the sale of organs or prostitution.